Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm still wearing some maternity clothes since most of my pants/skirts don't fit. I'm so very tired of them!!!  I can't wait to pack them up for good.  Or maybe toss them into a bonfire and dance gleefully about it.  The maternity clothes are loose and bunch up around my middle whereas most of my regular clothes are still much too tight.  I feel a bit frumpy since nothing fits quite right at this awkward stage.  The bathroom scale claims I have roughly 13-15 pounds to go yet.  For its insolence, I may have to relegate the scale to some dark recess in the closet.   

Out of curiosity I went back and read the SP archives.  Apparently, it was 4.5 months after Isaac before most of my regular clothes fit.  Even then I think it took about 9 months before I'd lost all the extra pounds.  I know that slow and steady weight loss is the healthiest and I'm eating like a horse (a very healthy horse!) since Corinna is breastfeeding.  Okay, that. . . and I really like to eat too.  But is so hard to be patient! 

9 months on 9 months off.  Repeat. Patience. patience.  patience. 

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