Sunday, August 07, 2011

June Peanuts

  • Broke out the Mac N Cheese for dinner. Melissa: "You're going to try cooking? This is your first time!"
  • Melissa: "Grandma Linda, let's make beads. 'Cause I don't have a lot of jewelry."
  • Matthew said "LOL" in normal conversation. Sigh.
  • Figured out how the oatmeal gets in Isaac's hair: it's when I pull his [oatmeal-covered] shirt over his head.
  • Matthew, giving Grandma Linda directions: "Now go through the high school parking lot!" Grandma: "Why?" Matthew: "Because the light turned red. That's what Daddy does, so you don't have to wait for the left turn arrow."
  • Bishop: "We're going to miss you when you move. Well... we're going to miss Rachel."
  • June 13: Corinna totally smiles in her sleep. Sleepy, happy grins.
  • Matthew is 8 and already busting out the "You just don't understand!" drama. This kid is going to be a ton of fun when he's hormonal on top of being naturally angst-y.
  • Matthew insisted that he didn't wake Isaac up every morning, but I told Matthew that as soon as Isaac wakes up, (and wakes _me_ up), Matthew is done with Starcraft for the morning. Since then Isaac has slept in until 7, instead of waking up with Matthew at 6.
  • Melissa: "I like your arms. They are hairy and warm."
  • Grandma Linda: "I can't believe I cooked something so good even Isaac would eat it." Rachel: "Just keep in mind that Isaac eats crayons, too."
  • Rachel got me a Super Dad t-shirt for Fathers' Day. Melissa: "Do you think you can tickle elephants now that you're Super Dad?"
  • Luck ran out on my Austin commute: cited by THP's finest for 85 in 70. With my mother-in-law in the car with me. Only silver lining: I made the money order lady's jaw drop when I told her I needed one for $375 for a speeding ticket. "How fast were you going?." Then I explained that half of it was for the expired inspection sticker. But yeah, totally would have been worth it if I'd been going 120.
  • Isaac has been watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It's terrible. (I was seven when He-Man came out in 1983, and I loved it. I blame Mom for not letting me watch enough TV to recognize how bad it was.)
  • What I say: "Go get ready for bed." What they hear: "Go upstairs and fight."
  • I will be thrilled when Isaac gets over this post-Corinna "I want to sit in Dad's lap ALL THE TIME" business.
  • Melissa: "Do you know why it's called cheesecake, Daddy? Because cheesepie wouldn't make sense."

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