Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sundays are tough

We have church from 11-2 pm on Sundays.  This is right smack in the middle of lunch and naptime.  Isaac usually doesn't take a nap on Sunday and is very cranky toward the end of the day as a result. 

It is really hot lately (in the 100s) so we don't go outside for family walks in the afternoon to burn off excess energy.  Consequently Matthew and Melissa tend to get squirrelly by mid-day, and tease each other, which leads to bickering, and then tears. 

As a result, this day of rest doesn't feel very restful.  At the end of the day Jonathan and I are very glad it is bedtime. 

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abby said...

I was thinking in church today how parents handle the 11-2 time (I have it too). I guess you can't adjust their nap schedule.