Monday, June 08, 2009


  • I met a Frenchman from another division of Rackspace. He spent 18 months on Tahiti and said I'm the first person he's met in the USA who's been there. I was pleased that he didn't need to revert to English for our conversation. It would be cool to live somewhere I could practice another language.
  • Wii fit announced that I have lost 30 pound in the six months since I last stepped on it. Rachel suggests that this is due more to the carpet in our new living room than amazing changes to my physique. Killjoy.
  • Matthew: "Can I have bacon for breakfast?" Me: "Sure, if you eat it with something else." Matthew: "How about bacon with milk?"
  • Last Friday we went on our first date since Isaac was born. When we got home, Isaac was yelling his unhappiness at the sitter. He can't talk, of course, but he sure made it clear how glad he was to see us: he kept crawling from one of us to the other, making happy noises, until he fell asleep.
  • Last Sunday I cooked Thai beef salad for dinner. Rachel feared the worst after I carbonized the first two pieces of meat, but the next four were perfect. Tasty salad.
  • Matthew was elated to discover that you can buy a *real* cell phone at walmart for $20. Then crushed to discover that it would cost $10/m to actually be able to use it (the price to add another line to our family plan). Some things are just out of reach when your allowance is $2/week.
  • Our lawnmower died. Rachel had it repaired; the mechanic said Ethanol additives had killed it. Hurrah for biofuels.
  • Matthew volunteered to dust to earn money for a nerf gun. He was given strict instructions to only dust the furniture, but he sprayed everything within reach. Casualties included wedding pictures, imperfectly protected by their frames.
  • At about 7 AM, Melissa called down: "Matthew doesn't want to wake up! You wake him up, Daddy!" Needless to say I was quick to explain when you wake up your brother during summer vacation: you don't.

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