Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dear little girl,

Gave Melissa some cute pink scrubs with a lab jacket and working stethoscope for her birthday. She loves to dress up and we're trying to steer her away from the whole "princess" thing. It's tougher than one would think. Walk down any toy isle devoted to girls and you're instantly assaulted by Disney princesses, barbie princesses, glittery shoes, tiaras, tutus, ballgowns, faux makeup... ad nasuem. And it's all PINK! PINK! PINK! (with a smattering purple thrown in for good measure). Bleh. Even though we don't watch television, she's bought into the princess mentality.

Little girl, there's a great big world beyond the tiara!

She's pretty cute as "Dr. Melissa," I think...

Little one, grow up to be a doctor, nurse, engineer, artist, businesswomen, professor, mechanic, architect, chemist, speech therapist, novelist, or any other honorable profession. But please, please, not a princess! The world does not need any more drama queens or damsels in distress.

Become a strong women.

Isaac: "Hmm. Knew I shouldn't have picked the HMO plan!"


Our little family said...

Very cute. Where did you get pink scrubs? Our kids are outgrowing all their dressup clothes, and it's getting harder to find stuff, but they still LOVE to dress up. I think they would like scrubs, goes right along with "house."

Rachel Ellis said...

I think I found them on was about 6 months ago though so I am not entirely sure. It's a really cute set though, complete with scrub booties.