Friday, June 05, 2009

Last Day of Kinder*

Matthew had a great year in his class. His teacher sent me an email saying "Matthew has been such a joy to have. I have never met such a wonderful little boy in all my years. You have truly mastered great parenting in my eyes."

Wow. Little does she know. Matthew is a good kid- but great parents? Hah! Good thing she doesn't read the Savage Peanut! Fortunately Matthew seems to be doing well despite his amateur parents.

Matthew with his teacher on the last day of kinder.

At the awards ceremony on Tuesday Matthew received the "good citizenship" award. 12 kids out of 6 kindergarten classes received one.

Matthew informed us that on the last day they were just going to do "fun things." We teased him and said, "How boring not to learn anything. How about you stay home? You can learn at home." He was horrified at the prospect. Miss the last day of school? Never!

I'm glad that he had a good year despite changing schools 3 times, a brother in the hospital and then home under stressful circumstances, moving cross country, and everything else that has occurred in this nutty year.

*Kindergarten is called "kinder" here.

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