Friday, January 23, 2009

Downsides to living in San Anonio

  • The churrascarias are twice the price as in Utah. Literally. (But less expensive than the one I ate at in Chicago. I was hungry, and I thought I knew the drill: who needs to see a menu?)
  • Woot updates at midnight instead of at 11 PM. I am old now and almost never still awake at midnight. The really good woots are always gone by morning.
  • Only McDonald's has play areas. And possibly Joe's Crab Shack but we tried that once and even seafood-loving Rachel was underwhelmed. Plus I can't help but think "I got the crabs at Joe's" when I see the sign.
  • Major commuting freeway stretches with only two lanes in each direction? Seriously?
  • No community orchestra (!)
  • All the good Ultimate fields are in use by high school football teams
  • There are no bike paths in the outer parts. Downtown, yes. Suburbia, no. (This one's for you, Dad.)

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