Monday, November 18, 2013

September peanuts

  • Today, Mommy taught Matthew and Melissa to pronounce "Mozart." Yesterday, Daddy taught them to pronounce "Ogre."
  • "Oh no! Mommy burned it! Again!" "What do you mean, 'again?' Are you talking about the time she burned popcorn years ago?" "Yes."
  • Isaac, 5, has figured out how to play Dungeon Defenders online from the PC. He likes this better than playing on the PS3 because then he gets "friends" to help him. [Update: after I created a PSN account for him, he figured out how to play online from the PS3 too.]
  • London has wifi in the border control area. Like civilized people.
  • My laptop disappeared at Javazone while I was getting mic'd up for my talk. Fortunately, it was just some concerned Norwegian who thought it looked abandoned and took it off to the Info booth for safekeeping.
  • Isaac, waking up: "You eat breakfast?" Me: "Not yet." Isaac: "I'm not dying today, am I?" I'll be glad when this little obsession with mortality is over.
  • Corinna came up to me: "I want g√Ęteau." May have more success with the French with this one.
  • Melissa is teaching her friend Abby how to play Dungeon Defenders.
  • It was pleasant this morning in Austin. Maybe 66 degrees. Rachel took Corinna to pick up a basket of peaches. Corinna hugged herself and shivered. "I told! Mommy, I told! [cold]" Little Texan.
  • Poor Corinna. She was so thrilled to go to school with Isaac after he missed his bus this morning, then all her hopes were dashed when I took her home with me again.
  • Matthew: "Why are you listening to that song again?" Me: "Because they put me on hold again." Matthew: "Oh. Why don't they let you choose what song to listen to?"
  • Rachel: "Let's see a concert while we're in London." Me: "We can see a concert here." Rachel: "Not by the London Symphony Orchestra!"
  • Poor Isaac. He doesn't like going to sleep by himself. Matthew won't let Isaac sleep in his room. Melissa won't let him sleep in hers. Even Corinna shoved him away and said No! All his siblings have to do is be nice to him and he'd do anything for them.

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