Tuesday, November 12, 2013

June peanuts

  • Things you don't expect to hear your wife say: "I'm not sure whose poop it is."
  • Rachel: "Want an ice cream bar?" Me: "I already had two." Rachel: "Oh. That kind of day, huh?"
  • Melissa is playing Moon Diver with Isaac. She's a fan of the character design. "I wonder if a girl made this, because they have wings. But they made it so boys would like it, too." I'm glad she's growing up with that attitude.
  • Melissa: "This car is much easier to park than the MBW." "You mean, BMW?" "Yes. That car was huge!" "You mean, the Suburban we rented?" "Yes, that one!"
  • Kirsti: "It's weird, thinking about turning 25. Was that weird for you, Jonathan?" Brian: "Can you even *remember* turning 25, Jonathan?"
  • Rachel: "You know what camp my parents signed me up one Summer? Geography Camp." No wonder she's bitter.
  • Survived the four hour flight to Seattle, no thanks to the sour old flight attendant who kept making helpful suggestions like, "Tell her that noise is not appropriate on an airplane."
  • Rachel: "That guy's wearing tights! Under shorts! ... Wait, those are his legs. Very, very white legs. Welcome to Seattle."
  • Seattle night one report: Rachel and I went to bed at Midnight Pacific time. Corinna woke up hungry and mad at 2. Matthew set the alarm on his tablet for 4:45. (Then a bonus 4:55 because I couldn't find it in his bag the first time. Matthew slept through it.) Then Corinna got up for good at 5:30, followed by Matthew and Melissa waking up Isaac at 6.
  • Isaac, grabbing his crotch: "Poopy, poopy, poopy... !" I am not a fan of the poopy song.

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Too funny!