Monday, November 18, 2013

August peanuts

  • Isaac is using some French nouns but fills in the rest with English glue. "I want de l'eau with glaçons."
  • Rachel told Isaac it's not polite to talk about his penis all the time. So he started singing about it.
  • Rachel, playing Skyrim: "Lesson learned -- do not taunt the giants." (Rachel taught my dad Skyrim when he visited, but he decided it was too complicated.)
  • Rachel and I were both tired this morning when Corinna got up early. We asked Matthew to watch her. When I got up I found paper towels scattered around the floor, a cereal box dumped out on the table, the pantry ransacked for prunes, chocolate donuts, and fruit snacks. Matthew claims that this didn't occur while he was watching her. My conclusion is that he wasn't watching her very often. In related news, Corinna wasn't very hungry for lunch.
  • Rachel won a Dominion game with Duke/Duchy. She totally gloated about it, too.
  • Matthew is taking a bus to Dallas. He made himself a lunch. Moments later, Corinna comes into the family room licking peanut butter off a spoon. I didn't even have to look. "Matthew! You left the peanut butter out!"
  • Isaac is taking a bath. He soaps up his testicles. "There's something in here!" He pokes and squeezes. "Ow! That hurts!"
  • Rachel: "You subscribe to a grammar blog? That's a whole new level of nerdy." For the record, I was just looking up the en-dash.
  • Rachel: "Isaac, take your clothes upstairs. Corinna's got your basket, and she's too little." Corinna, paying more attention than we thought while pulling the basket: "No! I bih dirl!" [big girl]
  • Rachel: "Somebody wrong on the internet?" Me: "No. Actually, he was right." Rachel: "That must be refreshing."

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