Sunday, November 03, 2013

April Peanuts

  • [November: In April, I posted that Rachel dreamed we had another baby. I told her I wasn't treating that as revelation. In June, she conceived Baby Five.]
  • Matthew: "What's a fax?"
  • "Bad guys have guns. Mommy have gun, Daddy have gun, Isaac have gun, shoot bad guys. And zombies." The second amendment according to Isaac.
  • "How old is that baby you were watching, Melissa?" "She's about... zero."
  • "See all these red squiggles, Matthew? That's telling you where you mis-spelled a word." "That's why I usually turn spellcheck off."
  • New bedtime plan: hide in our bedroom, lock the door, and wait until Isaac stops trying to get in and falls asleep. I am not a proud man.

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