Sunday, November 03, 2013

May Peanuts

  • Me: "I had a good date night idea, but I can't remember it." Rachel: "You wanted to go out for ramen, then get ice cream." Matthew: "Yuck! That's disgusting! I'm out of here!" I wonder what he thinks ramen means.
  • THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. "Matthew, what are you doing up there?" "Destroying this whiteboard." "Why are you doing that?" "Because it feels good."
  • Rachel: "Hey, that's pretty good. If I ever need to spam hundreds of people, I'll ask for your help."
  • Achievement unlocked: take [Jonathan's] Mom to see Paul McCartney.
  • Rachel: "Wow, tech recruiters are even more rapacious than real estate agents."
  • It took 36 years, but I finally won a technical argument with Dad: the speed-of-light (round trip) latency USA to Europe is indeed around 50ms. "That can't be right!" he said, but then he stopped and ran the numbers. (I guess it wasn't much of an argument, but that's probably as good as I'll get.)
  • The beginning of a trend: I ate 1.75 hamburgers. Matthew ate 2.
  • I added Print to the toolbar in Isaac's Paint application. He is literally hopping with excitement as the printer churns out copies of his masterpieces.

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