Saturday, June 08, 2013

Swim Party

After the festivities at school on May 31st, Melissa had her birthday swim party.  It was supposed to be for the weekend prior, but big thunderstorms rolled in that weekend.  We had to reschedule.

The day of her party was perfect, however.  It was in the 90s with a light breeze.  Grandpa Ellis and Aunt Christine acted as lifeguards for the pool.  Thank you both!  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them.  However, here are some of Melissa's friends enjoying the water.

Matthew volunteered to light the candles.

We had 5 large pizzas, a watermelon, chocolate cake and 16 blueberry cupcakes.  We ended with a sliver of watermelon, 3 pieces of pizza, and 3 cupcakes.  Melissa's friends had good appetites!

The birthday girl enjoying her cake!

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