Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's day

IMAG1027 by jbellis
IMAG1027, a photo by jbellis on Flickr.
Rachel made some questions for the kids to fill out on Father's day. (She is clever about helping them make something special for Dad.) A sampling:

My dad's favorite thing is to work by himself.  (Isaac gets kicked out of my bedroom office for disturbing the peace more than anyone else.)

My dad is special because he's my only Dad.

My dad's favorite thing is us.

When Dad works he puts on music.  (It's hard to explain to kids what I do.)

One thing I learned from Dad was [blank].

(Does not know what my favorite thing or food might be, but has an extremely long answer for "I have a great joke for him.)

One thing I learned from Dad was if you're going to eavesdrop, listen to the whole conversation.  (I got this from my father.  It's so annoying when they interrupt to ask a question you already answered!)

All three kids put their nickname as the thing that Dad always says.


abby said...

I'm not sure what Jonathan does either, but I know he does it very well.

Adrasteia said...

Why'd my comment get deleted? I was being complimentary.

Jonathan Ellis said...

Google bug? I didn't delete it and neither did Rachel. :(

Jonathan Ellis said...

Let the record show, the comment was:

I was so touched by Melissa's "My dad's favorite thing is US" bit. Awwww. That's some stellar parenting right there. Love it.

Adrasteia said...

Thank you, good to know! I was afraid I'd somehow managed to offend one of you whilst trying to be nice.