Thursday, June 06, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Part 1

Our kitchen was stuck in early 90s "country kitchen" and I wanted to update it a bit.  Additionally our oven is a 3/4 size oven and tends to burn things and undercook them at the same time and it leaks heat from the top.  Crappy oven!

Here is the kitchen prior to the madness that is remodeling:
Note the large overhead florescent light.  Blech. 

I liked the house, but the kitchen just didn't feel like *my* kitchen.

Take a picture of me!  Take a picture of me!

Yep, very country.  
 Kindly disregard the mess that is my backyard at the moment.  

I am planning to put in new counter-tops, new doors on the cupboards, replace the florescent light with pennant lights, strip the wallpaper and paint the walls, get a new oven, new dishwasher, remove and replace the tiles, and get rid of the doors leading to the front room.  I hired a contractor who was also an old neighbor of ours.  I'll update the blog as the kitchen develops!  

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Renee said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see the "after"!!