Friday, June 07, 2013

Last Day of School

Was actually last Friday...

and now it is Summer!  I'm going to sound like an old person, but kids these days don't know how good they have it.  When I was in elementary school, on our last day of school our principal showed a movie to the entire school.  It was the same movie every year and that was the sum of the festivities.  Still that's cool right?

Wrong!  His favorite movie was Old Yeller.  We'd watch the kid shoot his beloved dog and we'd leave the school somewhat depressed.  Have a great summer kids!

Isaac's class had a watermelon party one day and an ice cream party on the last day. He finished his year in the Pear preschool.  His teacher was Ms. Diane again this year and his vocabulary and sentence structure really improved phenomenally!  We are so pleased with the progress he is making.

Isaac could technically go on the kindergarten since he would just squeak by to make the cutoff, but we're going to hold him back so he can continue to focus on his speech.  Otherwise he'd be the youngest in the classroom and probably the least articulate.  That would be a frustrating combination for him.  Next year he will be moved to the Apple classroom to focus primarily on his articulation.  Consequently he will have a new teacher and speech therapist, but he will be able to wave to Ms. Diane and visit her.  She really adored Isaac and the feeling was mutual.  He'd give her a hug goodbye and on a few occasions told her, "I wuv you Ms. Diane!"  Melted her heart.  He's a charmer.

Isaac and Ms. Diane

Isaac also said goodbye to Ms. Natalie, the teacher's aid in the classroom.

The last day of school is essentially a play day.  I volunteered to help with the second grade festivities.  One of the parents brought in food native to her country, Saudi Arabia.  She brought a massive pan of seasoned rice and chicken, hummus, and a seasoned salad.  It was amazingly good!  Then the party got in full swing.  There was a hulu hoop and limbo station, dance party, snack room, water balloon catch, and water games.  The kids had a blast, naturally.

Melissa with Ms. Holcek

After the second grade party wound down, the fourth graders started their fun and games.  Melissa came with me and joined the fourth graders ice cream sundae party.  Here's Matthew with Mr. Grubb.  Mr. Grubb, really enjoyed the 10 year olds, and had very fun lessons.  In one they learned about prey and predators and camouflaged themselves in the classroom.  Some of the kids got really creative in matching their clothes with the backgrounds!  One wag decided to use imitation and dressed like and posed at the whiteboard with Mr. Grubb.  Every day Matthew's teacher played basketball with the kids at recess.  He was really a fun teacher!

Matthew with Mr. Grubb

Matthew enjoyed having a male teacher.  I think it's good for boys to have men in school so they can see learning and education as something for them too and not just something for girls and women.

Now back to the class parties!  After the ice cream sundae social, the fourth graders played human foosball.  Melissa and I left early because we had to dash back home to prepare for her pool party, but that is for another post.

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