Saturday, June 01, 2013

Melissa's baptism

Today was Melissa's baptism.  She was baptized by her father and confirmed by her grandfather.  Grandpa and Grandma Ellis, Uncle Frank, and Aunt Christine were there as well as her best friend Abbey.  

 Our beautiful little girl is growing up!  And she is making covenants.

In our stake there are a lot of children so they have a stake baptism day once a month.  There were 12 children being baptized today, consequently the chapel was filled with families.  Fortunately, they divided up the baptisms and had only a few children at the font at a time.  Melissa came out of the water beaming!  "I got baptized!"  Her confirmation took place in a small room with just family and friends.  The primary president, also named Melissa (much to Melissa's delight), presented her with a white towel.  

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