Saturday, June 08, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Part 2

Monday the wrecking crew arrived and took out the countertops, lowered the raised split level counter, removed two of the cabinets, the florescent light, and the tile backsplash.  The electrician installed 5 canned lights and a box to put in a pennant light later.

I forgot to get pictures after Mondays work, but on Thursday the counter guys installed the granite.  I love the new counters!

We discovered that the "broken" microwave does indeed work.  The previous owners told us it was broken, but it was never plugged in!  How and why they didn't discover this in the 15 years they lived here, I'll never know.  Then again, they put up with a broken, leaking kitchen faucet for long enough to cause water damage below the cabinet.  Also they never updated the early model "low flush" toilets that just don't work.  Those were two of my first projects upon moving into the house.

The kitchen table is a mess, but it will probably be that way until the work is done.

Friday the plumber arrived and hooked up the faucet, dishwasher, disposal, and gas line for my new oven.  Hooray for a sink! Washing dishes in the bathtub is awkward.  

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ClevelandRocks said...

What a pretty (and huge!) kitchen! You will enjoy that for sure!