Saturday, September 26, 2009

Supplementing the baby

When I took Isaac in for his endocrinology appointment two months back, the doctor wanted to have his vitamin D checked as well when he had the hematocrit and A1C done. Turns out he is on the low side for both D and red blood cells. He's not dangerously low, just kind of marginal. Consequently, we'll be supplementing him with vitamin D and iron drops.

Not sure how he managed to be low on vitamin D.
1. We're in San Antonio
2. It was summer
3. He's pretty fair so you'd think that his skin would absorb UV light easily
4. He goes outside every day for at least 15 minutes of sun and he's sporting a baby farmer's tan.
5. He eats yogurt fortified with D


None of my other kids had this. He's just different, I guess.

Today the pharmacy finally filled the prescriptions ($40 for iron drops!?), and we started him. I mixed it with a bit of yogurt, put in a sippy cup, and he slurped it up.

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