Sunday, September 20, 2009


  • Got a new Acer Timeline for Rachel. It's a nice piece of hardware, but Rachel hasn't actually used it yet. Maybe we should send it back until her 3 yr old macbook dies entirely. (It's started experiencing the white screen of death, and would cost more to fix than it's worth.)
  • Rachel enrolled Matthew in an after-school art class on Tuesdays. So far he likes it. "My teacher is nice. Art class is fun. We drew with chalk pastels and you can make things 3D."
  • Went to the Texas drivers license bureau (finally). After waiting in line I found out they only took cash or check. Even the Utah DMV takes plastic now! So: failure. It cost $24, and I only had $23. (I went back the next morning with another dollar.)
  • Matthew had a lesson about germs at school. He is fascinated. (I was worried about a reprise of his germaphobia from a couple years ago but this time he is more curious than paranoid.) This is cool since Rachel knows more about germs than almost anyone. Matthew is getting microbiology 101, one question at a time: "The outside of the germ is the membrane..."
  • Things I learned from wikipedia: Adobo is just Spanish for "seasoning." (No doubt this does not come as news to my Spanish-speaking friends.) No wonder the "adobo" mix my mom got doesn't taste Filipino at all.
  • Isaac is a Texas baby: you can wear short sleeved shirts all year here, and that's what he likes. Today, Rachel dressed everyone in long sleeves for pictures. Isaac pulled and worried at his sleeve until he got one arm out entirely. I think he would have gotten the other too, but the road lulled him to sleep.
  • A middle-aged lady came into the restaurant just as we were leaving and asked if she could have a job application. The hostess explained that the manager would be in Monday and talking to him would be best. The lady replied that she didn't really want a job; she just needed to show that she had applied, for unemployment benefits. Points for honesty, I guess. Only, not really.
  • Melissa, as we pass the floral section in the grocery: "Dad, I like you." "I like you too, Melissa." "But I like flowers better."

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