Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Grade, Week 1

Matthew has finished his first week of first grade. He seems to be enjoying himself. He's making lots of friends, and he loves to talk. This got him into a bit of trouble one day last week when he didn't stop talking. Everyday I pick him up from school and he and his buddy Conner fill me in on the day while walking home. I relish the comparative quiet during the day time, I do confess. Still Melissa and Isaac manage to keep me from feeling too lonely.

The school work he's bringing home is pretty simple. "Color the circles red, color the triangles purple" "count the number of bumble bees," what is this?! I'm doing that sort of thing right now with Melissa, and she's just 4. It's preschool work! I haven't seen any reading work or handwriting come home yet either. I'm hoping they are just starting out slow and will pick up the pace soon. Currently we're reading and working with Matthew at home though. For instance, we do M&M math at the table. I sit down with Matthew and Melissa (M&M) and a big bag of M&Ms. Melissa works on counting and Matthew on 2 column addition and subtraction. We count and eat lots of M&Ms. My kind of math.


Our little family said...

M&M's was how I learned colors and counting. I think it's a great teaching method! :)

adrasteia said...

Do they have gifted programs around where you guys live? I know my folks stuck me in one because the regular curriculum where we lived was, ahem, unsatisfactory to say the least. If nothing else, it could be a nice supplement to M's usual schedule. They generally teach kids interesting stuff about planets, art, music, a whole variety of subjects. I vaguely recall getting time off from regular school to attend the gifted class later on in grade school. Maybe they do that where you live, too.

Butterfly Girl said...

Yum! That is my kind of math, too!