Friday, September 25, 2009

The Interloper

Matthew has a best buddy named Conner, and they walk home from school together every day. Often they spend the afternoons together concocting all manner of games at each other's houses.

Today Conner announced that he was "in love" and pointed out the girl of his affections to Matthew. Matthew was unimpressed and continued to lay out grandiose plans involving cardboard, rubber bands, gum balls, and lots of tape. He stopped in his tracks when he realized Conner was no longer walking beside him. Instead Conner was walking next to his charming, feminine friend and proceeded to walk her part of the way home.

Matthew was miffed.

The walk back to the house he had a little gray storm cloud over his head. Fortunately another boy close to Matthew's age caught up to him and captured his attention with the All Important topic of Halloween costumes. This precipitated a boastful and lively discussion of "things that don't scare me."

When we got to the turn into our neighborhood, Matthew caught sight of Conner again and grudgingly greeted him.

Wonder how long this school yard romance will last...

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