Sunday, September 27, 2009

Melissa Art

Here are a few samples of Melissa art. Matthew and Melissa produce a prodigious amount of doodles, so I take pictures of their creations, hang them on the fridge for a while, then toss them. Otherwise our house would be overflowing in art in short order!

Grandma walking the cat
The title pretty much sums it up. Grandma is in a red dress because her favorite color is red. The cat is on a leash since she is a mean kitty and scratches.

Goo balls
Inspired by the wacky and highly entertaining game World of Goo. The red balls are balloons that float the goo ball structure up and safely to their destination.

Shark eating a rainbow
There is a king in a colorful kaleidoscope cape, a tree, a happy sun, and a shark eating a rainbow. Hey, don't ask me. I'm just reporting what the artist told me.

The pony and the potty
"Mom! Look at my pony drawing! And see! The pony has to go potty!" That yellow line? Why yes, it's exactly what you think it is. Melissa is never boring.

Gothic Mice?
I never did get a report about this drawing, and since it was several months back it is too late now to know what she was thinking. She drew a few like this in black and white, but she primarily likes color, and lots of it. This is from her elusive "gothic" phase.

Katamari Cousin
This last watercolor is a Katamari cousin from the game We Love Katamari. This is another very fun and completely silly game that Melissa likes (as do I!). We really don't let Melissa play a lot of games, but she does enjoy drawing them. As you can see, her cousin has the antenna thing on his?her? head, but it is unclear which of the cousins is depicted. Here's a picture of some of the cousins, and I leave it to you, gentle reader.

I'll have to try to find some family portraits she's done. They are a hoot. One thing is for certain, Melissa keeps me laughing.


Jonathan Ellis said...

Good thing you couldn't find the "daddy wearing a dress" family portrait.

Jonathan Ellis said...

Oh, great. Now gmail is suggesting "Men Bra - - 10+ Male Bras at Great Prices." Just what I needed, for the next time I have to pose in a dress.