Friday, November 10, 2006

Why daddy is tired

"Bedtime!" I announce. Melissa takes off and hides in her best hiding spot, behind the DVD bookshelf. Then when I find her she goes and grabs Mom. "Night night," she tells me, and waves.

So yeah, Rachel is both kids' favorite bedtime-putter. Melissa's, because she nurses her. Matthew's, I don't know. Maybe because Melissa wants Mama so it's part of this perpetual imitation/competition thing they have going. But with some exceptions, both kids get Mommy bedtimes. (Although Matthew doesn't mind if Dad brushes his teeth and helps him get pyjamas on.)

But as of two nights ago, Melissa has graduated to her own bedroom and Daddy taking the night shift: no more midnight snacks courtesy of Mom.

The first night was pretty rough. I went in 3 times to quiet her. She woke a fourth time but went back to sleep on her own.

Last night was worse. She woke up at 2:30 and wouldn't last more than 5 minutes without Dad. Finally, to keep peace in the marital bed, I went in to her room some time after 4 and let her sleep next to me. I hope this phase passes quickly.

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