Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big Girl II

Today Melissa stayed in nursery all by herself for the entire 2 hours. Apparently it went well too. When I picked her up she was busy trying to catch bubbles. She was all smiles for her Mama though. I admit I was a little apprehensive. I kept checking on her through the little window in the door. Each time I looked in she was busy playing with toys. For the past 3 months Jonathan or I have spent time in with her, but now that she's officially 18 months we thought we'd see how she'd do by herself. So far so good!

I guess we've been very lucky in this area. Matthew was pretty easy about going to nursery. He liked it most Sundays. It seems Melissa is set to follow in her brother's footsteps. I feel bad for the parents that can't ever leave, but I feel even worse for the kids who are left in nursery and really can't handle it. I don't want nursery to ever be a misery for my kids. I have not seen parents leaving their kids to "cry it out" lately, thank goodness!

Potty-training deja vu

Well, I figured we were getting low on bathroom stories (collective groans), so it's time to potty-train another child! Actually Melissa wants to do everything her big brother does and that includes sitting on the potty. Most of the time she just sits on the toilet and swings her legs back and forth. She then insists on a piece of toilet paper to "wipe." Most of the time nothing but toilet paper goes into the potty, but we've had a few successes. She also likes to "read" on the porcelin throne. When she's all done (usually after 1 minute) she washes her hands in the sink and streaks off before I can diaper her. She runs away giggling while I give chase. Such a fun game! (I admit I'm not quite ready to do diaperless training just yet. We gave it a try one morning and it was interesting... Maybe in a few months...when I'm even more tired of washing diapers than scrubbing floors. Hmmm.) For now she's happy imitating her brother. Just as long as she doesn't try standing in front of the potty to go, I'm happy to oblige her baby whims.


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