Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big girl

Matthew was stubborn today; he didn't want to eat his soup for lunch, and he didn't want to eat it for dinner, either. I can only chalk it up to sheer cussedness, because he admitted that it was good soup.

As an olive branch, Rachel offered to let him eat it with a straw for dinner. It was a soup thick with vegetables, so he wouldn't get far with that, but it would be a start. Matthew agreed, but Melissa was indignant when she saw such goings-on. "No no no no!" she pointed at this outrageous breach of etiquette. I guess even babies know: straws are for glasses, not bowls.

Then after we got Melissa's teeth brushed for bedtime, she headed for the bathroom sink, climbed on the stool, and made "puh! puh!" sounds. We were puzzled, but Rachel realized: "She's trying to spit!" Big people spit after brushing their teeth.

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