Sunday, May 04, 2014

October Peanuts

  • Achievement unlocked: DataStax is big/old enough now to have its first ex-ex-employee.
  • Isaac dropped the kids' computer and cracked the LCD. He was devastated. Today we picked it up from the repair shop. It's like having an old friend back. All the kids had stuff on it they didn't want to lose.
  • Rats chewed a hole in our garage wall and have been pooping up a storm inside. Not cool.
  • Ate four pieces of banana cream pie for my birthday.
  • Isaac, saying prayer at breakfast: "We thank thee for this day, ..." He pauses, looks up at the pancakes Rachel made. "Thank thee for this GOOD day, ..."
  • My two year old loves to play, "Hey Dad, let's see if you can figure out which cables I pulled out to make your desktop sound not work again." I really, really hate that game.
  • Me: "So, you're Spanish?" Him: "Yes. Well, I'm from Catalan." Oh: "Oh. I take it Catalan is the Texas of Spain."
  • Me: "I have one pillow, you have three?" Rachel: "That's fair."
  • Rachel: "Are you showering before bed?" Me: [sniff, sniff] "No, I smell okay." Rachel: "Hmm." Me: "You dispute my conclusion?" Rachel: "Well, you don't smell as good as me."
  • Me: "I couldn't hear you. Did you ask if I want to carve pumpkins this year?" Rachel: "No. That's not a choice."
  • Mom, on Christine making a career change to programming: "It's good for her, because relatively speaking, her people skills are amazing now."
  • Rachel: "That's not on your diet!" Me: "For someone who eats whatever she wants, you're awfully judgmental." Rachel: "I'm just giving voice to your conscience."
  • Achievement unlocked: 100mph with the top down. [Rachel did not know this until I posted it just now.]

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