Sunday, May 04, 2014

November + December Peanuts

  • Rachel, on my "Welcome to the Jungle" Pandora station: "Is it 80s night?" Me: "Yes. Yes, it is." Rachel: "If I were any younger I wouldn't recognize these."
  • Isaac is using two controllers to play Plants Vs Zombies against himself. Reminds me of Calvin.
  • "He has a shield. You can't defeat him without combos." Melissa teaches Isaac the facts of life.
  • Corinna has strong feelings about The Muppet Show. Human guest stars: No. Kermit: Yes. Miss Piggy: PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY!
  • Corinna is speaking franglais too now. "Daddy! There's a oiseau! Attrape! Daddy, attraper!" (A bird! Catch it!)
  • Corinna climbed up on the counter last night and helped herself to seven or eight fist-sized chocolates. (Two-year-old fist sized, that is.) Today, she puked them up. Cleaning chocolate-colored puke out of the carpet is harder than you probably think.
  • Sunrise today in Ekaterinburg [Russia] is projected for 10:21 AM. Sunset is 5:17.
  • 12 degrees this morning: lol I thought you said Russia would be cold! 12 degrees tonight: HOLY DAMN I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE I'M FREEZING MAKE MY TEETH STOP CHATTERING! Being tired makes a big difference.
  • "Bill found a bug today that we're fixing." "Okay. Which Bill?" "Uhm... Actually, Russell." I'm not very good with names.
  • I think Corinna was born to be an Alaskan. It's 40 degrees at the park but she took off her jacket, shoes, and socks to go barefoot.
  • Brian: "Isaac, you the man!" Isaac: "I'm a little man! I'm five."
  • Somehow the Christmas morning talk turned to babies. Isaac: "You have to get married before you have babies!" Kirsti: "We've been married a year and a half! Remember? You fed me carrots at the wedding!" Isaac: "Why you not have a baby in your tummy?"
  • Matthew got Corinna a vast quantity of dollar store Floam for Christmas. Corinna loves it. It's already gotten everywhere. Matthew: "I didn't know it would be so messy!"

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