Thursday, May 08, 2014

February + March Peanuts

  • Corinna has figured out that if she gets bored in Nursery, all she has to do is tell them she's poopy and they'll take her to Mom.
  • Isaac is wearing his doctor outfit AND his knight costume today. "I'm a Doctor Knight," he told us.
  • Me: "Corinna is on the counter, eating chocolate chips from the bag." Rachel: "There's only a few chips in there." Thus speaks the mother of (almost) five.
  • Rachel couldn't find Isaac's penguin lunch box, so she packed his lunch in his old Dora box. "That one mine," Corinna said when Rachel took Dora out of the fridge this morning. When it became clear it was intended for Isaac, Corinna went straight to the cupboards and pulled out the penguin box.
  • Neither Isaac nor I could find his new red shoe for his right foot this morning. So I put his old white shoe on instead. Isaac looked sad. "I sorry, Daddy. I not cool anymore."
  • Me: "I wonder if Isaac is picking up bad language from his preschool. I heard him saying, 'damn it!' today when he was having trouble putting his shoes on." Rachel: "School isn't the only place he could pick that up." Me: "Well, I don't use that language in front of the kids." Melissa: "Yes you do!"
  • Me: "Corinna, tu veux un petit gâteau?" Corinna: "Yes p'tit gâteau! Un deux trois!" She held up both hands. That is how she says, "many."
  • We were at Chick fil-a for lunch. Isaac got his foot stuck in a gap between play area sections. Corinna came to get me. "Isaac à l'aide!" (Agrammatical, but we'll make allowances for being two.)
  • "Eye-ah pee pee! Eye-ah pee pee!" Corinna teased Isaac all the way to Matthew's scout troop. His indignant protests delighted her.
  • Me: "... I'm not sure we can name this kid Brian. Look how blond his hair is!" Isaac, holding baby brother: "He have more hair than you, Daddy!"
  • Friend in the neighborhood offered to take Isaac and Corinna to the park with her son. Corinna was super excited when Mommy said she was going to the park this morning and bugged me about it constantly. But when the strange minivan pulled into the driveway she was skeptical, and when I put her inside she totally lost it. NOT ONLY IS THERE A NEW BABY BUT NOW DADDY IS TRYING TO GET RID OF ME!
  • Isaac said family prayer, in French. Unprompted. "Merci pour le nouveau bébé..."
  • Isaac and Melissa are discussing the heroes and monsters that live in their worlds, and arguing over how to get from one world to the other. Future DMs?
  • I left the broccoli steaming while I finished a game of Starcraft. Rachel: "It may not technically be burned, but this is nursing home-quality broccoli."

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