Friday, May 09, 2014


Easter was scaled back somewhat this year.  The night before Melissa and I prepared the Easter buckets with goodies (except hers I kept a surprise), filled the eggs, and had everything in the refrigerator for our traditional feast.  I'd even located the special 12 Easter story eggs filled with items depicting things that occurred at the time of Christ's death and resurrection. 

And the next day I was in sad, sorry shape. 

The kids did get their baskets buckets.  In our house the Easter bunny is practical and gives buckets every year. With summer coming up, buckets are great at parks and sand pits.  Sweet woven baskets wouldn't last 5 minutes in this house.  Jonathan took crew to church and Tommy and I rested. I completely forgot to get pictures of them in their Sunday best.  Also missed out on the bluebonnet pictures this year.  Oh the shame!

Easter just got stretched out through the next week.  Monday the hunt was on!

First Isaac and Corinna had their hunt.  Matthew discretely hid the eggs ahead of time.

Corinna is wearing the dress that grandma made.  It is currently her favorite article of clothing and she wears it until it either gets wet or so dirty I confiscate it to toss in the wash.

Then it was the big kid's turn and I hid the eggs.

Matthew accidentally hid one of the eggs by an ant hill.  The ants crawled into a hole in the egg to get to the chocolate.  Corinna was unlucky enough to find that egg and her bucket filled with ants.  Eep!  This justifiably freaked out Corinna.  Most of the ants around here are fire ants. 

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