Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out for the summer!

School ended Friday the 25th.  The kids pretty much played the entire day.  Melissa's class had a water party and both Matthew and Melissa had an ice cream social.

Matthew is with his teacher Mrs. Tjon receiving an award for "Most Imaginative".  The class voted on the awards and really pegged Matthew!

Here is Melissa on the last day with Mrs. Beechinor.  She had a blast in 1st grade!  The only downside to the year is her best friend ever, Avery, is moving to Ohio.

Isaac said goodbye to Ms. Katelyn, Ms. Diane, and Ms. Rachel.  Not pictured is Ms. Debbie, his speech therapist.  He really blossomed under the care of these wonderful ladies.  By the end of the school year he started volunteering interesting things he was learning in school and sometimes he'd talk about his friends and teachers.  I love hearing him express himself!

After school many of the neighborhood kids met up at the pool and played some more.  Matthew and Melissa have already mentioned how they miss their teachers and going to school...but probably not as much as I do! 

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