Wednesday, May 23, 2012

January Peanuts

  • Matthew was pretty indignant that we made him get ready for school today [Jan 2] when he *knew* it was closed. Turns out, there was no traffic near the school, no crossing guard... Matthew was right. I turned around and took Melissa and Isaac to McDonald's for Second Breakfasts.
  • Didn't hear Melissa for a while so I went to check on her. Found her hiding from Isaac on a stool in the bathroom, playing Crayon Physics.
  • Wrote something unflattering about friend A in an email to Rachel while mad. I was aware that it wasn't really fair, so I removed it via ctrl-X before sending. Then friend A asked me a question over IM, to which I thought I had the answer in my clipboard, so ctrl-V return. I think that's the most embarrassed I've ever been in my life.
  • I gave Corrina her pacifier one night as I started to bounce her to sleep. She popped it out and waved it at me, concentrating hard. "Rachel," I called out, "Corrina's trying to put her pacifier in my mouth!" "No, she's not," Rachel replied. I put it back in Corrina's mouth. She took it out again and tried to put it in mine. "You're right," Rachel admitted.
  • Isaac was quiet. Too quiet. Rachel found him in her bathroom, lighting matches that he'd pilfered from the cupboard. That's our three year old!
  • Rachel: "[X] doesn't have a mechanical bone in her body. She's like you. Maybe worse."
  • When we got to church, Melissa made a beline to the bathroom. Not to miss an opportunity, I asked Isaac if he needed to go too, and he darted into the ladies' room after her. I waited in the hall, until eventually I called in after them, "Are you almost done?" "Yes. Isaac had to poop." Uh-oh. "Did you help him wipe?" "No, he wiped himself." And that is why I ended up driving right back home after less than five minutes at church.
  • The line between "rolling with purpose" and crawling is a blurry one, but Corinna has definitely crossed it. Nothing is safe, especially not the books that Matthew and Melissa leave scattered on the floor.
  • Rachel told Matthew that before he could read Artemis Fowl she wanted him to read Harry Potter first, to calibrate how much intensity he was ready for. So Matthew complained for months that Harry Potter was dumb and he didn't want to read it... but he finally gave in this week and finished it in short order, diving back in whenever he had a spare minute. Now he wants to read the second Potter book before Artemis. [May update: he read the entire Harry Potter series. Still hasn't finished Artemis.]
  • We only had a pecan ice cream to go with the brownies tonight. Melissa: "I don't like this. I want vanilla!" Me: "This is Texas vanilla. It's so manly it's got nuts in it."

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