Monday, May 28, 2012

April Peanuts

  • Isaac is potty trained, but until he is more reliable at wiping after a number two I am lord of the stool. So I'm attending his Highness this afternoon. "Are you done?" Isaac doesn't answer. Instead he says, "knock knock." "Who's there?" "All done!"
  • Isaac sneezed in his oatmeal. The next bite had stringy boogers streaming from it.
  • Rachel: "I didn't think four was a lot of kids until we left Utah."
  • Rachel: "But I thought you didn't like sushi!" That was before I found out you could get deep-fried rolls.
  • Wednesdays I drive 2.5 hours. Isaac's preschool in the morning, then to work, then cub scouts with Matthew at night.
  • Melissa: "Look, Dad! In the tree, there's a bird party! Maybe a baby bird was born and they all came to see!"
  • Instead of chasing the kids to bed [April 7], I hid in Matthew's bed and waited for him to climb up the ladder. Gotcha!
  • Rachel was aghast at my suggestion that we get some lunchables for Isaac's preschool lunch. (Really more of a second breakfast.) Instead, she's packing him... cold pizza.
  • Rachel: "Isaac, are you three?" Isaac: "No, mama free [three]! Eyeash [Isaac] i s a a c."
  • Rachel: "something." Me: "Huh?" Rachel: "Did you hear what I said?" Me: "No." The men at my office are unanimous that this is a normal product of trying to get work done with kids around. Hamilton: "There's a support group for that. It's called other married women."
  • Matthew: "Maybe when you're a better programmer, you can help build the online game I designed."
  • Melissa: "Oh, no! Corinna has your laptop!" Me: "It's okay; she can't hurt it." Corinna proceeds to pry off the letter I.
  • Me: "You're right, it's important to distinguish between 'needs' and 'wants.'" Melissa: "Like if you want a baby, you need to get married!"
  • Rachel: "I don't want to go to bed, either. The sooner we go to bed, the sooner the kids will be up."

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