Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scenes from Summer

 Melissa playing with the car wash hose

 Out for the count after bouncing on daddy's knees.  No Ellis baby can resist slumber for long with "the knees."

Isaac noticed the screws at the bottom of his daddy's model corvette and found a screw driver to unmount the car from the base.  He's getting too stinkin' smart for his own good!

Ice cream in the tub.  Another fine Ellis tradition.  
(There's a pretty good story behind it.   When I was two, we visited my grandparents in NJ. I was placed in the guest room which had a large freezer in it.  My uncle Brad was left in charge to babysit while the other adults went out for the evening.  I was tucked in bed, and after a while my uncle cracked open the door to check on me.  He found me sitting on the floor, in front of the freezer, with a carton of ice cream opened.  I had chocolate ice cream up past my elbows and both fists clutched oozing chocolaty goodness.  I was a royal mess.  When I saw my uncle I happily chirped, "Hi!"  He couldn't bear to take the ice cream away so he got a bowl, put the ice cream in it, picked me up and deposited me in the bathtub with the bowl.  I have a fantastic uncle!  That is the tale, and it's been a tradition ever since.)

 Matthew at cub scout camp

Isaac likes to eat the peanuts in the shell.  Mmm, crunchy!

Carnival ride on the 4th of July

Isaac rocks

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