Saturday, July 16, 2011

Attention all those who've had a baby...

Does anyone remember when the hot flashes/night sweats end???  Right now it's 76 degrees and feels like 96.  Ugh.

I'm rather tired of feeling like I'm going through menopause IN MY 30s!

On a more positive note I'm within 15 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.  Considering that I gained roughly 45 pounds this time around I'm pretty happy about that.


Our little family said...

I only had the night sweats with Liz, but I had them the entire 4 months that I nursed her. I would guess they should subside within a couple months. But that is only a guess. :) I just think it takes awhile for your body to get rid of the pregnancy hormones and adjust your milk supply. I hope they stop soon!

Rachel Ellis said...

4 months! Wow. The longest that I can remember, until now, was a couple weeks. 'Course my memory may be rosier than reality... hmm.