Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Ryggs come to visit!

Last week Uncle Ellis, Aunt Merri, Kevin, and baby Lincoln flew into town for a few days.  Though not officially related, Ellis and Merri are nonetheless honorary family members. (Jonathan wanted to name Isaac after Ellis: then we'd have a Rygg Ellis and an Ellis Rygg. Rachel demurred, though, and we compromised on Rygg as his middle name.)

Matthew grew up calling Ellis "uncle."  He loved seeing Uncle Grant and Uncle Ellis come over to play.  They were such great fun!  When Ellis married Merri, naturally she became part of the family too.

Here is Matthew with Ellis in 2003

 Matthew was so excited when he learned they would be coming for a visit.  He was also anxious to see "baby Kevin."  When we left Utah, Kevin was just shy of one year old and just the happiest baby with great big smiles for everyone. We have some sweet pictures of Matthew holding him somewhere...  He really liked Kevin.  We were also happy to meet Lincoln for the first time. 

Kevin, Matthew, Isaac, and Melissa cooling off in the pool.

Isaac warmed up to Uncle Ellis right away.

Ellis and Jonathan first met as roommates during their freshman year in college. Here they are 17 years later and 6 kids between them. 
Thanks for coming all this way!  We sure loved having you!

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