Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Corinna's baby blessing

Sunday July 24th was Corinna's baby blessing.  As soon as Jonathan started the blessing she yelled.  She continued to express herself loudly the entire time.

After the blessing, the bishop got up and said it brought back memories of when his oldest daughter just howled during her blessing over 30 years ago.  We all know Larke, his daughter, so the congregation chuckled at his remarks.  (Later the bishop's wife told me he got a bit choked up thinking about it.)

The first speaker got up and said that he was speaking in slot usually reserved for the youth speaker, but we already heard from her today.  The congregation had a good laugh at that!

Here are some pictures Christine and I snapped after church.


Two generations of sisters

The girls

The guys

The whole crew

All dressed up in her finery

Aunt Christine


Cute baby Gwendolyn exploring

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Renee said...

sweet family! congrats again!