Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break!

Grandpa Ellis came to visit last week.  He flew in on Monday, just in time to enjoy the gorgeous warm biking weather and play with the grandkids during their spring break.  Since Jonathan was working in Austin, the kids and I picked up grandpa.  They were excited!

Naturally he rode his bike every day he was here and Matthew went on a few short rides with him. Matthew and grandpa also played with an electronics set.  He taught and then quizzed Matthew about current, voltage, pressure, resistance, and Ohm's law.  I didn't learn about any of those things till high school!

Tuesday Jonathan took the car to be cleaned inside and out, and played with the kids in the park across the street.  He came home to a happy wife.  The grungy car was clean and the kids nice and tired. 

Wednesday Jonathan drove up to Austin for work, grandpa biked, and we picked up some friends and went to a new park a little off the beaten path.  The bigger boys discovered a small pond in the woods with tadpoles and the littler kids had fun running back and forth between the two playgrounds. 

On Thursday I made pistachio cupcakes and Melissa and I decked ourselves out in green.  Isaac wore his very favorite shirt, the one with the green crocodile that grandma gave him.  He gets excited whenever that shirt is fresh out of the wash.  To our dismay we discovered that Matthew had outgrown his green shirt, but he took it in good grace.  "Grandma said I have Irish ancestors, so I guess I don't have to wear green 'cause I'm green enough."  That night we took the kids to a playground and then a kiddie amusement park.  Matthew took Isaac all over the park and Isaac happily followed.  Anything Matthew wants to do is automatically cool.

Melissa stayed with grandpa and dad and just enjoyed the freedom to go where ever she wanted to go. 

 With grandpa on the carousal.

Friday we played in another park, listened to the baby during a prenatal checkup, and enjoyed the great outdoors with friends.

Saturday grandpa flew back to NJ.  We miss him.

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Renee said...

grandparents are the greatest! looks like fun times!