Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesson Learned

Monday was a busy, busy day.  I got caught up in the things I needed to do, but neglected other important things.

That evening I dropped 2 meals off for families that were sick and drove the kids to soccer practice.  I chased Isaac and Melissa up and down the soccer field.  Then we walked to a nearby park and played there while Matthew practiced.  I remembered the drinks for the kids, but forgot one for myself.  At the end of practice my belly was a hard ball and I felt pretty crappy.  It'd been a long while since I'd had anything to drink...

Driving home, my belly kept tightening up and it was somewhat painful.  Matthew and Melissa chattered and asked dozens of questions, until I finally told them that they needed to stop talking at me because I felt lousy and needed some quiet. 

We got home.  Dinner was already cooked, so I dished up bowls of soup and whole wheat rolls for the kids.  I told Matthew to help Melissa and Isaac to seconds if they wanted it, and then I lied down on the couch and guzzled water.  As long as I stayed horizontal I felt somewhat better, but as soon as I sat up my belly clamped down uncomfortably. 

I crawled on the floor and up the stairs to put the kids to bed.  Fortunately they went to be bed without too much fuss.  As soon as they were down I started the bath water and just drank and drank and drank.  After soaking in the tub for 30 minutes I felt fine again.  My stomach was nice and soft and the wee one happily thumping around.  Ahh.

I wasn't having contractions, just Braxton Hicks with umph.   Still, lesson learned.  Stay hydrated.

Today Isaac and I went on a short hike and enjoyed the mid 80s weather.  After that we played in the park for another hour.  I brought a big bottle of water and was just fine and dandy.

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