Sunday, March 13, 2011

One of those days II

Some days it seems I have everything together...other days I'm just happy my shoes are on the right feet, never mind whether they are matching.

Yesterday one of our children was invited to a birthday party of one of their classmates at Pump It Up.  Well and dandy!  Melissa picked out a birthday present a week ahead of time, wrapped it, we'd RSVP'd, and Jonathan dropped her off at the party place.  Matthew and Isaac played with their daddy in the meantime while I went shopping.

That evening I asked Melissa how the party went, "Great!  It was fun!"  Did Isabel like her present?  "Yes, but it wasn't the Isabel in my class, it was a different Isabel."  ???  Matthew interjected, "Yeah.  When I went inside to get Melissa a bunch of my friends were there.  I think the party was for the Isabel in my class."  Oops.  What kind of mother mixes up invitations for kid's birthday parties?  Oh dear.

Later I called the mom to explain what happened and apologize.  She laughed.  "Oh, no problem!  I have five kids. Once took them to Chuckie Cheese on a Saturday only to learn the party was on Sunday.  Of course when you take your kids to Chuckie Cheese you can't just leave,  so we had to stay and I ended up paying $60 more than I'd originally planned.  We then went back on Sunday too.  These things just happen."  She was just glad everyone had a good time.

That evening there was a baby shower for a friend of mine.  It was nice and I had a good time, but I was wearing pants that barely  really didn't fit.  I was very glad to get home.  Jonathan was playing a game on the computer when I got back.

I loudly announced to no one in particular "The pants come OFF!" and sighed happily.

"Rachel, I'm on speakerphone."

Oh crumb!

I don't even want to contemplate what the guy on the other end must have thought...

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