Monday, March 21, 2011

Potty training Day 1, afternoon

Isaac got up around 3ish and declined to use the toilet.  His diaper was very wet so the issue was put aside. He did want to put the training pants back on though.

About 25 minutes later I heard "Uh oh!" and saw his wet pants.  He ran to the bathroom on his chubby legs and finished his business.

He went once more successfully and then it was time for soccer practice.  No WAY was I taking a toilet neophyte to use the field port-a-potties.  Back in diapers, kiddo.  He was none too pleased, but cooperated.

After soccer practice he went once more, and everyone celebrated with a jelly bean apiece.  Matthew read him some more propoganda books and it was bedtime!

Day 1 complete.

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