Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Potty training Day 3

Successes in the toilet: Every time he sat, he went.

Accidents: 2 minor cases of dampness. 

Interruptions: 1 I was in charge of the play group this week so we had to go.  We went on a short hike and ran around on a playground.  He wore diapers during that time but used a port-a-potty too.  He also made use of his diaper, which is only reasonable since that is what diapers are for. 

Milestones:  Tonight we took the kids out for dinner and Isaac wore his cloth training pants for the first trip outside the house.  He made one trip to the potty during dinner and stayed dry on our excursion.  (We kept a pair of backup pants just in case though.)

Yay Isaac!

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