Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things that go bump in the night

I got up at 1:45, rocked Isaac to sleep, and successfully got him into his swing. (He spends about half the night in his crib and half in the swing.) Then I went off to find myself a blanket because my kids won't leave my sleeping-on-the-floor blankets in the living room. Grr.

(I sleep in the living room because Isaac often wakes up multiple times before I can't get him to sleep anymore, and I don't want him waking Rachel too before I can pick him up again. I sleep on the floor because I like it better than the couch.)

As I went down the 4 steps into the living room from the kitchen in my sleep-befuddled state, I slipped. I caught myself hard on my left hand. I lost some skin on the edge of the tile but also bruised the hell out of the base of my thumb and sprained my wrist a little.

I took some painkillers, elevated my arm, and fell asleep holding a bag of ice. I was tired.

(I rocked Isaac back to sleep twice more that night.)

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Telitha said...

Sorry about your fall! I'm glad you weren't holding Isaac at the time!