Monday, May 25, 2009


I decided to keep track of Peanuts on Facebook, so those of you following my status there have seen these already.  (Those of you who aren't, aren't missing anything.  This is literally the only use I have found for FB so far.)
  • Melissa got her birthday present from Andrea. "Look! I have a purse and keys! Now I tan drive!"
  • I couldn't find the broom, so I bought a roomba. Rachel is skeptical of this kind of logic.  So far, verdict is mixed: it does a good job cleaning the kitchen, but only if I put the chairs on top of the table so it doesn't get caught in the Maze of Chair Legs.  This is almost as much work as sweeping.  But Isaac likes to stalk it; it's like a pet.
  • Isaac managed to steal a bite of bath soap. His majesty Did Not Approve.
  • Isaac has discovered the joy of pulling books off all the shelves he can reach.  I was hoping it would take longer.  His favorite are the oversized comic books, possibly because they give him lots of leverage.
  • Matthew saw my Schlock shirt, "Rule 1: pillage, _then_ burn." "Why is that?" he asked.  "Because if you burn first, there won't be anything left to pillage."  I heard him making up his own rules a few minutes later. "Rule 26: be as careful as you can."
  • Matthew: "boys are lucky. When they jump in the pool their trunks puff up with air!"
  • James and Cameo came down to visit from Houston on Saturday.  The wildlife safari sucked; the animals must have been hiding from the rain because we just saw a few deer.  But playing San Juan that night was fun.
  • I have dropped my iphone on my tile floor before with no repercussions. This time I was not so lucky: shattered touch panel. Damn.  Apple will repair for $200, or I can try to DIY for $40.  Guess it's worth a try.  In the meantime it is still usable, barely, with a third of the screen covered with scotch tape.
  • Sticker shock at the theater: $40 to watch Monsters vs Aliens. We bought Madagascar 2 at wal-mart instead, with a ton of snacks.

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