Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Tunes

I admonished Melissa to eat like a human not a little monkey with her hands. "Use your fork, Melissa!"

This inspired Jonathan to sing:

Don't use your fingers, use your fork.
Use your fork!

Eat like a human, not an orc.
Not an Orc!

Matthew liked it so much that he started singing too. Melissa used her fork.

Jonathan caught me making up my own poopy diaper song while changing Isaac today. He was quite amused. "I'm a good influence on you!" Little does he know that I secretly sing many diaper songs during the day to entertain the Pumpkin while wiping his bare buns. (The Pumpkin does not like his britches changed AT ALL- so I'll do whatever it takes to keep him occupied for a minute or two to finish the task.)

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