Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Power Grid online

Rachel and I played Power Grid with Jeremy over Skype last night. (Andrea declined to join us. Next time!) We used BrettspielWelt as our board, which added half an hour to our 90 minute game. The interface was significantly worse than the asobrain one that powered our Settlers experiment, and half in German to boot! Unfortunately, asobrain has a far more limited selection of games to play -- pretty much just Settlers and Carcassone. I am not a Carcassone fan.

Now that we know the interface, more or less, we can probably get Power Grid games down to 75 minutes or so (from 100-120 for an in-person game). Power Grid is a game that is about at the limit of the amount of bookkeeping I will stand for in a non-computer-powered game, so it definitely benefits from having that automated away.

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