Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am woefully behind on SP posts. (Still need to put up some pictures from Melissa's birthday party 3 weeks ago...sheesh.)

Last weekend James, Cameo and crew drove from Houston for the weekend. It was so fun to see them again.

Matthew on the morning they drove in: When are they coming? This is taking too long! Can Jacob just stay with us a week and his parents can go back if they need too? Pleeease? I just can't wait until they get here!!!

Melissa was excited too: Can I play with the cousin Jacob? We will play lots of games!

James and Cameo are both looking great. And their kids are so cute. Jacob is very articulate now and very happy to run around playing boy games with Matthew. Elijah is just a content, cuddly baby.

We went to the wildlife safari which was rained out, but the kids still seemed to have fun. We primarily saw deer and antelope. I guess a lot of the other animals must have been taking refuge in the trees. Matthew and Jacob rode with James and Cameo and they lucked out and saw/fed a few more animals than us. Melissa rode with us, and having no preconceived notions, she wasn't disappointed in the least and enjoyed herself thoroughly. For his part, Isaac wanted to stick his head out of the window in the rain as we tooled along at 3 mph. He really liked playing with the knobs and buttons in the front seat of the car as well, but really could care less about the animals roaming. Maybe we'll try the safari again another day or maybe we'll check out Natural Bridge Caverns located next to the safari- those look really interesting. (I'll have to see when we can get photos off of the camera phone- Jon's phone broke, but that is another post entirely).

After dinner Cameo bathed the boys who were quite pleased to take a bath together in the BIG tub.

Matthew, Melissa, and Jacob all bunked in Matthew's room for a "slumber" party. We heard noises well past bedtime and I had to break up a marble game in progress. But eventually they went to sleep. As long as the lights were off and the giggles and chatter relatively quiet, we figured no harm done. After all, cousins were in town! Speaking of which, James and I both stayed up later than we should have playing video games. Heh.

Despite Matthew's pleading, they had to leave after church on Sunday. Alas. We'll have to plan some get togethers in the near future.

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Butterfly Girl said...

I'm so jealous!! I haven't even seen my cute little nephew, yet!! :(