Saturday, January 06, 2007

On a rampage

Matthew's been totally into Bob the Builder this week, to the point of convincing his mother to address him as Bob, and respond to Wendy.

Of course Bob needs something to build, or at the very least fix. So he's been taking around a pencil with some scotch tape wrapped around it, and scissors with which to cut the tape and apply it to various things he pronounced to be in need of fixing.

All was well, tape-festooning aside, until today when in the space of half an hour he drew on the wall in pencil and cut

  • his hair
  • a pillowcase, to shreds
  • holes in his plastic bedsheet-protector, rendering it less than fit for its intended purpose
  • an afghan that used to belong to Rachel's dad
His reign of terror was ended when he tried to cut Melissa's hair and Rachel caught him.

He's cleaning the wall of his room now. I think Rachel is going to have him clean the rest of his room while he's at it. I also think this may be a good time to take Melissa to Wal-mart.

And of course I cannot close a post about rampaging without linking this.

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