Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Such a Girl!

Hooray it worked! I can post!

On to Melissa stories. So yesterday I took Melissa and Matthew over to a friends house. Melissa discovered "princess" dress up dresses. Where did that come from? She's only 20 months! We don't even have dress up dresses. She insisted on having an elastic tutu over the dress as well, and pranced and twirled around the room. She said "preddy!" (pretty) as she played. My friend Melodie said that her older daughter really liked dressing up in girly things right from the get-go, but her younger daughter, who is Melissa's age, just isn't in to it. I guess some girls are just hardwired to like dress up. But 20 months old! This is also the girl that makes truck noises and gun sounds. I suspect having an older brother has something to do with that though.

Things were going fine and dandy until we had to leave. Unfortunately the princess dress had to stay behind. MAJOR MELTDOWN ensued. Beet red, arms flailing, enormous tears meltdown to be precise. It didn't help that Matthew also had a fit, because he wanted to continue playing on the computer with his buddy Emma. So I'm dragging two angry/crying kids out the door. Melodie was understanding. She's had to take her son home from our house under similar circumstances. Still unpleasant to say the least.

Today we were at another friends house (the temperature here hasn't gone above a high 25 F for a week and the kids are cabin crazy-so the invitation was most welcome) and Melissa raided the shoe basket. She LOVES shoes. In fact we were late arriving because I couldn't find a matching pair for my darling shoe fiend. She walks around in shoes and leaves them wherever she happens to be. Then she finds another pair to swipe. Before we left my friends house, we had to collect several pairs of shoes around the house and return them to their proper places. "Shoe" is also a favorite word of hers. She'll go around the house saying "shoe shoe shoe" while she's clomping in her latest find. Funny girl!

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