Saturday, December 30, 2006

The baby whisperer

Matthew recently gained the ability to interpret Melissa's babblings.

Or rather, he thinks he can. If he wants ice cream, he'll tell us, "'Lissa say she want get ice cream" as a way to bolster his case.

But other times it's kind of bizarre. Today he told Rachel, "'Lissa say I not a big boy!" He was really mad! In fact, a lot of his interpretations involve tattling on her. Sheesh, she's not even two yet.

In completely unrelated Matthew news, I found out today that he can tie knots when he tied off the end of a newspaper bag to put his "bomb" in. (This is some hemispherical piece of plastic, entirely inert, that for some reason he decided looks like a bomb. We do not plan to let him take it anywhere near an airport.) Rachel says he's been knotting things for a couple weeks now, but this was the first I noticed.

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